Data availability and recommended resources

Biotechnology Center file transfer

As with other Biotechnology Center cores, AGEL’s primary data distribution is accessible via Globus, UW ResearchDrive, or SFTP. Please see the data transfer page for further information.


AGEL also distributes methodology information and data using LabArchives. Stable links to your LabArchives folder should be found in your data delivery drive.

Before you can access your LabArchives data, you will need to submit a Request ELN Access form. AGEL will create a folder for your project and invite your team. At this time you may receive an email inviting you to access the notebook. But please note that is not an alternative to submitting a Request ELN Access form.


You will find much of the DNA sequence information for your project is distributed through Snapgene files (*.dna files). Please note a free Snapgene Viewer is available. Also, Snapgene is now compatible with LabArchives (see below), so Snapgene files uploaded to a LabArchives account can be viewed through your browser.


The Biotechnology Center’s Animal Models Core maintains a Mosaics distribution that contains information for your mouse or rat projects. Please contact for more information about this resource.