Genome Edited Cell Lines

  • Efficient generation of genome edited, clonal cell lines through sophisticated automation and assurance instrumentation
  • Genome editing can edit your preferred cell line
  • Automated pipeline allows concurrent screening of hundreds of clones if necessary
  • We can make the exact edit you require or can help you design your edit to best meet your experimental needs
  • We are happy to work in your desired cell line.
  • Our most requested service is to create clonally derived, genome edited cell lines. Some cell lines (e.g., primary cells) are not amenable to clonal derivation and alternate strategies can be discussed.
  • Our standard pipeline uses FACS to enrich for proper KI’s, if necessary.
  • Single cells are gently deposited into a single well, with a visual record of single-cell deposition
  • Clones are regularly monitored for outgrowth with an automated imaging system
  • High-quality, confluence-matched clones are condensed to a single plate with liquid handling and a matching genomic DNA plate is prepared as well.
  • Small edits are characterized with targeted Illumina sequencing, and more complex edits are confirmed with PCR.
  • We aim to provide at least two clones carrying the edit of choice, as well as a sham-edited “no-guide control”. Clonality reports and CRISPR-focused sequencing reports of your clones will be provided.

For more information, please check the UWCCC website

Knockout or SNP, starts at $7000

Larger knockin, starts at $8000

Discounts are available for UW Carbone Cancer Center members