High-throughput Genotyping of Genome Edited Cell Lines

While CRISPR/Cas9 has dramatically democratized the process of genome editing in the lab, screening clones often remains an unappreciated bottleneck in the pipeline. This core can provides its expertise and instrumentation to rapidly screen your clones.

  • 96 or 384 well plates of cell pellets, high-density cells in suspension, or genomic DNA can be provided
  • For short genome edits (e.g., indels, SNPs, and peptide tags), the region of interest will be amplified, barcoded, and sequenced on a MiSeq flowcell.
  • CRISPR-focused sequencing reports for all clones will be provided.

Varies by number of targets and clones, starts at $1700

Discounts are available for UW Carbone Cancer Center members