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Genome Editing Core

part of the Genome Editing and Animal Models Facility (GEAM)

GEAM provides support for the generation of novel genome edited models and a full suite of other genome editing applications:

  • Generation of mouse, rat, and porcine CRISPR models
  • Efficient generation of genome edited, clonal cell lines
  • Genome-wide CRISPR screening
  • Expert support for custom genome editing applications

Some common services

Stage 1: Consultation with users’ ensures we understand your project needs

Stage 2: Careful design of your project and high-quality of custom reagents

Stage 3:

  • a. We will edit the cell line of your choice
  • b. We will work with the Animal Models group to make your mouse, rat, or pig model

Stage 4:

  • a. For cells in stage 3a, we will use customizable, efficient delivery and our high-throughput robotics to generate and track your clones
  • b. For animal models in stage 3b, the Animal Models core will use microinjection to reliably deliver material or electroporation for maximal editing efficiency and viability

Stage 5: We will stringently characterize your edited alleles using efficient sequencing methods

Stage 6: Your models will be delivered to for your research applications and can be cryogenically banked as well.